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J.D. O’Hara, CEO

All of us at Internova Travel Group are rallied around a single mission: to empower our network of travel advisors with the most exceptional programs, products and support to deliver unparalleled experiences to the traveler. As our company has evolved over the years, we have also come to understand how our company’s operations and services can impact the economy, environment and greater community.


There is an opportunity for us to use our mission to guide us in making a positive impact through every dimension of our business. We can leverage our size, our scale and our network to create value for our advisors, our clients, our investors and the communities we serve.


With that in mind, we have organized our corporate social responsibility strategy around seven key areas: Governance & Compliance, Human Rights, Labor Practices, Fair Operating Practices, The Environment, Consumer Care, and Community Involvement.

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Gabe Rizzi, President

As a company focused on, and sensitive to, our customers’ priorities, we are focused on not just being the leader in corporate travel management but ensuring that we uphold key principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. It’s not just about being good, but also doing good and equipping travelers with the right information to make informed buying decisions.


We have a big opportunity to affect how travel positively impacts our society and our communities, and we are committed to working with all stakeholders to maximize the benefits. Responsible global travel is a force for good and creates employment and wealth everywhere it occurs.

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At Internova Travel Group, we have applied ISO 26000 as a framework to integrate social responsibility into our values and practices.


ISO 26000 is an International Standard giving guidance and recommendations on how organizations can improve their Social Responsibility and thus contribute to sustainable environmental, social and economic development. It is designed to work in all organizational and cultural contexts – in any country or region.

Governance & Compliance

Our governance structure and commitment to ethical conduct provide the foundation for us to earn the trust with our employees, our travel advisors, our clients our suppliers and our communities.

Human Rights

We believe in protecting the rights of members of the vulnerable groups within our sphere of influence. We have implemented policies and train our employees on best practices and provide them a channel to report any suspected abuse.

Labor Practices

We strive to create a workplace using appropriate labor practices. We believe it is everyone’s right to earn a living wage through freely chosen work. And we believe in a diverse workforce and in fostering a safe, healthy and positive workplace environment for them.

Fair Operating Practices

Our operating practices apply to the ethical conduct in which we manage our relationships between our businesses and our brands, between our company and government agencies, and among our clients, partners, suppliers, contractors, customers and competitors.

The Environment

Corporations and individual travelers are prioritizing sustainable travel practices as part of their buying decisions.

We strive to implement meaningful initiatives and associate with organizations dedicated to reducing harmful impacts on the environment and supporting local resources.

Consumer Care

We select products and services that support our clients’ needs, keeping traveler safety and efficiency in mind.

We stay ahead of the pack with innovations and services that would benefit our industry, our advisors, and our customers.

Community Involvement

We care about the communities that we live in, work in and serve. We are committed to investing and helping improve the economic, social, and environmental impact. We believe in giving back through philanthropy, charity, and volunteering.

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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For more information regarding this report, please email Compliance@Internova.com


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