Nexion Canada Announces Member Awards for Top Agents During CoNexion 2017

Member awards presented in New Orleans represented a spectrum of honors, from sales to member engagement

New Orleans, LA (September 19, 2017) – Nexion Canada, the travel industry’s premier Canadian host agency, announced the recipients of its annual awards, on Saturday, September 16, and Tuesday, September 19. The awards were given in conjunction with CoNexion, the annual member conference, held from September 16-19, 2017, at the Hilton Riverside New Orleans in New Orleans, LA. Nexion Canada member agents were honored with Circle of Excellence, Ambassador, Superstar, Rising Star, NexionTown Townie of the Year and Top SNAP! Air Sales awards.

“Nexion Canada is successful due to its members’ success,” said Mike Foster, CTC, President of Nexion Canada. “Success comes in so many different forms, whether it is sales or helping other members in their businesses. That’s why it is truly an honor to recognize our members with these prestigious awards. As we gather together at CoNexion, it is sincerely inspiring to see all that Nexion Canada agents have accomplished in the last year and will achieve in the coming year.”

Nexion Canada proudly honored the following recipients:

  • Ambassador Award – Anne Brobyn was chosen for the Ambassador Award. An Ambassador is someone who exemplifies what it means to be a Nexion Canada member, in experience, attitude and industry expertise.
  • Circle of Excellence Award – The Circle of Excellence Award recognizes Nexion Canada members who achieved high sales and business growth with Nexion Canada’s supplier partners. This year, four members of Nexion Canada, Jen Hardy, Chris McHale, Jennifer Schantz and Dorothy Tam, were honored with the Circle of Excellence Award.
  • NexionTown Townie of the Year – NexionTown is the main online hub for Nexion Canada members to join affinity groups, connect with other members and give and receive advice on nearly any business and travel-related questions. The top “Townie” is someone who has enthusiastically used NexionTown, generously shared their knowledge and provided help to fellow members on the platform. The inaugural award winner was Bernadette Parrott.
  • Superstar Award – A Superstar is a Nexion Canada member who represents the travel industry with pride and shows continued growth in their knowledge of the industry. Dorothy Tam (also in the Circle of Excellence) was honored as the 2017 Nexion Canada Superstar.
  • Rising Star Award – For newer members, the Rising Star is awarded. Gene Jochen was selected because of his potential to be among the very best in the travel business.
  • Top SNAP! Air Sales Award – An additional Nexion Canada member, Ross Avenell, also received the award for selling the most airline tickets in the proprietary SNAP! (Simple Nexion Air Program).

“This year’s winners across all categories represent the best that not only Nexion Canada, but the travel industry, has to offer. The work these members do every day for their clients is inspiring, and it is Nexion Canada’s pleasure to present them with these awards,” commented Foster.

To learn more about these educational opportunities and about becoming a Nexion Canada member travel agent, call 866-399-9989 or email

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Nexion Canada ULC 
Operating in Canada since 1982, Nexion Canada was acquired by Nexion, LLC – which is North America’s premier host travel agency for independent travel agents. Nexion Canada provides ticketing, operations, fulfillment support and marketing services, allowing members to focus on selling travel and enabling them to operate more efficiently and profitably by reducing costs and increasing revenue. Nexion Canada is a subsidiary of U.S.-based Travel Leaders Group, which ranks among North America’s top five traditional travel agency enterprises with annual sales volume of over US $21 billion. Together with the size and clout of Travel Leaders Group, Nexion Canada’s local and client-focused professional travel consultants are provided access to global resources, insight and buying power.