New Travel Desk Gives Advisors Fast, Accurate Info on COVID-19 Requirements

From Health & Safety to Security, Protravel & Tzell Travel Help Clients Stay in the Know

New York, NY (Sept. 28, 2020) Protravel International and Tzell Travel Group launched a new Travel Health & Safety Desk, available 24 hours a day, to provide its advisors with the latest information on COVID-19 destination policies, security issues and other health and safety concerns. The service includes a portal with an up-to-date interactive COVID-19 travel entry requirements map, a request for information email and hotline number.

[blockquote text=”We are excited to launch this special desk and online portal to ensure our advisors are always up to speed on the rapidly changing rules and regulations about traveler entry requirements and eligibility.” show_quote_icon=”yes” width=”100″ quote_icon_color=”#ee3123″]

– Angie Licea, President of Protravel International and Tzell Travel Group

“During this pandemic, traveler healthy and safety issues are a primary concern. For advisors, it’s challenging to keep up with the constant changes on destination policies and requirements,” said Angie Licea, President of Protravel International and Tzell Travel Group. “We are excited to launch this special desk and online portal to ensure our advisors are always up to speed on the rapidly changing rules and regulations about traveler entry requirements and eligibility.”

The Health & Safety Desk is staffed by safety and security experts at Exlog Global, a veteran-owned, risk management company headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. The service is an extension of an agreement sister company, ALTOUR, has in place.

Protravel and Tzell Travel advisors can also make the service available to their travel clients for a fee. Frequent travelers, corporate travel managers and their business travelers will have the ability to call or email health and safety representatives for pre-trip and on-travel guidance. Clients who subscribe to the service can call or contact the hotline for real-time information on conditions in a destination.

“We want to ensure our clients have accurate guidance when making travel plans. Logistics can get particularly complex when travelers are traveling to multiple countries and have different passports,” Licea said. “Our Health & Safety Desk can answer all those detailed questions about various requirements, restrictions and procedures, depending on citizenship.”

The Travel Health & Safety Desk can provide information on such instances as:

  • A traveler would like additional information on COVID-19 travel regulations prior to travel.
  • An advisor would like to learn more about the security environment in a location where a client has a trip planned.
  • A client wants to know where they would quarantine if they test positive for COVID-19 during a trip.
  • A traveler loses their travel documents while abroad.

Glen Nichol, a Tzell Travel advisor, said the new service was “definitely helpful. It’s extremely time consuming to research all the latest, and make sure we’re giving clients the most accurate information.”

The Travel Health & Safety Desk experts provide guidance on a variety of health and safety issue and can provide risk mitigation advice. This includes questions related to border closures, flight suspensions, mandatory quarantines or COVID-19 testing requirements. The desk does not provide emergency medical advice. Those in need of urgent medical attention are advised to call their local emergency number.



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