All Star Travel Group Expands Presence on the West Coast, Adds New Team of Top Travel Advisors

New San Francisco Office Redefines What the Modern Workplace Looks Like for Travel Agencies

San Francisco, CA (Feb. 26, 2020) – All Star Travel Group (ASTG), a global luxury travel firm and branch of Tzell Travel Group, is expanding its presence on the West Coast, opening its third office, now in San Francisco, and bringing on a new team of the industry’s top travel advisors.

For more than 30 years, All Star Travel Group has been recognized for its unparalleled high touch service, creating elaborate customized travel experiences for its VIP clientele, which includes an impressive list of high profile entertainment industry giants and A-list celebrities. With its sights now set on the Bay-Area, All Star Travel Group is adding to its clientele an ever-growing list of tech moguls and discerning travelers who are looking to tap into the team’s ability to service the most demanding clients and make the impossible happen.

With the launch of a new division last year with the industry’s top travel advisors, All Star has shifted toward attracting a new breed of entrepreneurs who are focused on innovation and continually looking for ways to evolve and grow their businesses. Top travel advisors including Torey Edgcomb, Mike St. Jovite, Blaine Anderson, Meredith Donaldson and Renae Kyle are among the latest to join the powerhouse team.

“As we expand, we are developing a very selective program that seeks out serious players for what we are building. Our ultimate goal is to welcome top talent and new ideas into the brand from outside of the industry as well as within our own community,” said Susan Duffy, Director of All Star’s Advisor team.

Focusing on a well-defined company atmosphere has been key to the company’s growth from the beginning and a vision that Duffy has brought to life since joining. All Star is known for its remarkable spaces and policies that help its team of top travel advisors and employees feel motivated and engaged. By uniquely integrating prestigious hotel amenities and hospitality with a professional business environment, All Star’s innovative team can master their craft in comfort with flexible workspaces, game rooms, “Dream Pods”, complete with amenity kits by Tumi, as well as wellness rooms for meditation and relaxation.

“At the end of the day we want to feel inspired. Creativity and curiosity drive everything we do,” said Duffy.

To promote business growth after new travel advisors are onboarded, Duffy focuses on coaching, community building and innovation, instead of managing in the traditional sense. She runs weekly workshops focused on her team’s development, designed to inspire collaboration and knowledge sharing. Some of these workshops are held in exotic locations, while the team of new independent advisors and legacy advisors do what they love to do most – hit the road together to explore the hottest destinations around the globe, check out new hotel openings and keep their finger on the pulse of emerging trends in travel.

“All Star’s newly defined culture fits in perfectly with what we strive to accomplish at Tzell,” said Cindy Schlansky, Co-President of Tzell Travel Group. “Tzell inspires collaboration and knowledge sharing while continuing to thrive as a strong powerhouse agency as we work with the brightest in the industry. A family-oriented environment is at the core of what we do and ultimately leads to highly-productive advisors who produce stellar work. All Star’s expansion into San Francisco and new team of travel entrepreneurs will have a big impact on the company’s continued growth.”

All Star’s headquarters in Los Angeles serve as the heartbeat of the operation. The company also has an office in Newport Beach. With the creation of services and offerings such as its Air Genius team, management focused on the company’s core values, and a team of creative problem solvers who work with global affiliates on the ground in every destination, All Star continues to dominate as a luxury leader.  With its shift toward redesigning its company culture, it is also fast becoming one of the most sought-after places to build a travel consultancy.

About All Star Travel Group
All Star Travel Group redefines today’s standards in luxury travel. Headquartered in Los Angeles with a global affiliate network, All Star Travel Group is one of the nation’s premier travel agencies catering to the entertainment industry, corporate world, special interest groups and sophisticated leisure travelers on a referral only basis. With over thirty years of experience, All Star Travel Group is recognized for its unparalleled high touch service, creating elaborate customized travel experiences for its VIP clientele. Interested in joining the ASTG team? Contact Susan Duffy at



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Since 1966, Tzell Travel Group has been providing its clients with the highest quality, most personalized travel experience integrated with today’s technology – whether it be corporate, entertainment or leisure travel. Tzell maintains its headquarters in New York City and has offices in 20 states. In everything it does, Tzell Travel Group places the highest priority on both its clients and its agents. For the individual traveler, Tzell addresses value, convenience, comfort and safety, with its customized quality traveler services. For the corporation, Tzell Travel clients also have access to The Travel Collection by Travel Leaders Group, a portfolio of select travel offers including discounts on international and domestic flights, value-added benefits at lodging establishments, shipboard credits on cruises and savings on escorted and vacation packages. Membership to The Travel Collection is offered at no additional cost to U.S. American Express Gold Card, Business Gold Rewards Card, Platinum Card® and Business Platinum Card® Members. For more information visit