Travel Leaders Group Launches ViewFrom36k – A New Perspective on the Way Business Travels

ViewFrom36k addresses key factors of biz traveler satisfaction, savings and safety

New York, NY (August 8, 2018) —Travel Leaders Group, one of North America’s largest travel agency companies, today unveiled a new digital content platform called ViewFrom36k to address the business travel issues that are moving the industry and offer solutions for the many factors affecting domestic and international business travel.

For most companies, travel is the second or third largest controllable expense. This new content-rich site, authored by Travel Leaders Group’s cadre of business travel, data and technology experts, provides valuable insights for business travelers and corporate travel professionals on how companies can balance cost control with successful business outcomes and traveler satisfaction. ViewFrom36k serves a range of professionals, from road warriors and C-suite executives to in-house travel managers, meeting planners, administrative professionals and HR staff, offering travel advice and tips, education, and effective strategies on how to lower costs, improve employee productivity and satisfaction, ensure traveler safety and security, design a travel policy, and ultimately drive a company’s revenue growth.

“One of the main reasons a company may not focus on managed travel is the lack of visibility into the true costs of business travel, along with misconceptions around pricing, personalization and accessibility,” said Gabe Rizzi, President of Travel Leaders Corporate. “Business travel is a $1.3 trillion industry that will continue to grow, and business travelers will continue to face personal challenges and higher costs as a result of increases in airfare, hotels, travel cancellation fees, transportation, and even a cup of coffee.”

ViewFrom36k delivers content targeted to individuals based on their interests, from tips on how to stay safe on the road, to updates on the latest technology business travelers most want to use, to best practices in negotiating with travel suppliers.

Key Insights from ViewFrom36k

  • Travel Expenses: Lack of visibility into the true costs and opportunities of travel is preventing wider usage of managed travel, and travel pricing confusion leads to misconceptions around the “lowest” fares and rates. In addition, many companies see cutting travel as a solution – not taking into consideration the possible negative impact on in-person meetings, attendance at important conferences and events, and the loss of relationship building opportunities.
  • Traveler Safety and Security: When unexpected events occur, companies can’t assist travelers if they don’t know where they are. Increasingly, duty of care is an essential part of a travel program providing alerts about events, reports of impacted travelers and rebooking to assist travelers.
  • Travel Policies: The most successful travel policies are seen as a benefit rather than as a chore, and forward-thinking companies view travel policies as a recruiting and retention tool. Also, deeper education around the benefits and value of a corporate travel policy is essential if compliance is expected.
  • Traveler Satisfaction: Personalization is the main driver causing people to book outside their corporate travel programs, so companies need to find the best travel policies to ensure employee satisfaction and develop optimal relationships with suppliers. Business travelers also often lack the resources and time to properly manage their business travel and their well-being while on the road.
  • Meetings and Incentives: A more coordinated approach to a company’s meetings-related planning and execution, as well as group travel, can result in meaningful savings and reduced risk.
  • Technology: Increasingly tech-savvy travelers demand personalization and advanced communications, driving the expectation that the latest technologies and on-demand services will be available as part of their travel programs.

ViewFrom36k is the result of two years of research, study, and consultation with business travel experts as a solution-based platform for all-sized companies and individual business travelers. It includes articles, videos, podcasts, quizzes and a business travel blog written by a host of business travel experts and road warriors.

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About ViewFrom36k
ViewFrom36k is a thought-leading digital content hub developed by Travel Leaders Group that gives a comprehensive big-picture view of business travel, along with the solutions needed to lower costs, increase traveler satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

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