A Statement from Internova Travel Group

Over the past few weeks, we have seen communities around the world come together in unity to protest the senseless killing of George Floyd and far too many similar incidents. This tragic injustice hits our community especially hard because of our company’s roots in the Minneapolis area, where we have so many colleagues and connections.

The travel industry builds bridges by uniting people across cultures and communities. Internova Travel Group fervently stands with the African American community. Our company believes in equality and a more fair and just society. But we know that we can do more. We, as a society, must do better in order to prosper together.

These recent events serve as a deeply unfortunate reminder of inequality but also as a motivation for change. As businesses and individuals, we each have a role to play to eliminate systemic racism and embrace diversity, dignity and respect.


— J.D. O’Hara, CEO, Internova Travel Group