Protravel International Launches ‘The Journeys’ Luxury Advisor Training and Development Program

One of the country’s foremost luxury travel agency organizations debuts new, best-in-class training program for travel advisors to reach the top echelon in the industry


New York, N.Y. (April 1, 2019) Protravel International, one of North America’s largest and most respected luxury travel agency companies, today launched the gold standard in luxury travel advisor training and business development programs called The Journeys. Protravel’s Journeys program features three parts: The Professional Advisor Journey, the Supplier Journey and the Traveler Journey. The program is aimed at educating existing Protravel advisors to rise to higher levels of success and training the next generation of advisors aiming to provide elite, concierge-level expertise and service to their clients.

“We developed this program to cultivate our advisors who would like to reach that top tier, and to train those who would like to join Protravel and aspire to the luxury concierge level of travel advisory services,” said Protravel President Becky Powell. “We believe we have developed the most comprehensive educational business training and development program for luxury travel advisors and we’re extremely proud of The Journeys.”

She continued, “We are experiencing strong interest in joining Protravel because of our reputation for excellence but until now no program served to help advisors at different stages of their careers to reach even higher levels of excellence, or to train new-to-Protravel advisors who are poised for great things.”

The Journeys has a unique, three-pronged program focused on the Professional Advisor, Supplier and Traveler with a unique value proposition for each group.

The Professional Journey is the training and curriculum portion for Protravel advisors featuring professional development, business coaching and mentoring, lead generation and exclusive events. The Supplier Journey is focused on partnership support of Protravel advisors. Supplier partners will be providing additional sales and marketing training to Protravel advisors delivered through webinars or during live events. The Traveler Journey will feature client cultivation efforts in support of Journeys advisors through a new content site offering the inside scoop on destinations and itineraries, and exclusive offers curated specifically for Protravel clientele.

“Affluent travelers are increasingly seeking to develop a relationship with a trusted travel advisor,” said Powell, “The Journeys positions Protravel as a true partner in developing entrepreneurial travel advisors focused on serving discerning travelers.”

With the launch of The Journeys, Protravel is unveiling new branding designed to represent Protravel’s unique position in the marketplace. Developed in conjunction with extensive feedback from its advisors, the new branding conveys the prestige of the Protravel name.

Protravel is an award-winning agency and the largest seller of luxury travel in North America with more than 900 travel professionals. Headquartered in New York City, Protravel now supports 22 locations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, plus a network of hosted agents in all corners of the U.S.

Because of increasing demand for its luxury travel advisory services, Protravel has experienced unprecedented growth in the last year with three new office openings in seven months in Austin, Texas, as well as Orange County and San Francisco, Calif. Protravel San Francisco is the company’s first office in Northern California and its seventh in the state, joining offices in Orange County, Beverly Hills, Encino, Sierra Madre, Palm Desert and San Diego.

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About Protravel International, LLC

Protravel International, LLC is a Travel Leaders Group company. Founded in 1984, Protravel International, LLC is a full-service, dynamic travel company with an award-winning reputation. Protravel is headquartered in New York City and supports 22 locations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, plus a network of hosted agents in all corners of the U.S. Today, approximately 900 travel advisors and professionals make up the Protravel organization. Our expertise in destination, international faring and competitive products – coupled with our superior network of contacts in the airline, hotel, cruise and hospitality industry – makes Protravel one of the most powerful selling forces in the travel industry. Protravel clients also have access to The Travel Collection by Travel Leaders Group, a selection of travel offers and discounts available at no additional cost to holders of select American Express® cards.  For more information visit