Nexion Travel Group Senior Vice President Robbi Jumaa Hamida Honored by Airline Reporting Corp.

Hamida named Travel Agency Representative of the Year

IRVING, TX (October 17, 2018) – Nexion Travel Group’s Senior Vice President of Agency Operations Robbi Jumaa Hamida was recognized as the Travel Agency Representative of the Year at the Airline Reporting Corp.’s (ARC) recent TravelConnect conference. The Travel Agency Representative of the Year Award is given to an individual who promotes collaboration between the airline industry and travel agents. Hamida has worked closely with ARC in a variety of functions, including the Debit Memo Working Group, and has consulted with ARC on several programs including the Memo Analyzer and Agency BI data solutions.

A highly experienced travel industry veteran, Hamida previously served as Vice President of Operations for Nexion and prior to that as Director of Agent Development and Director of Air Programs. Earlier in his career, he was a travel agency owner and spent several years with American Express. In his current role, he oversees Nexion Travel Group’s planning and operations, as well as works closely with parent organization Travel Leaders Group on company-wide strategic initiatives. Hamida serves on several travel industry advisory boards and commissions. He is based at Nexion Travel Group’s headquarters in Irving.

“I am deeply honored to be ARC’s Travel Agency Representative of the Year,” Hamida said. “ARC’s mission of advancing and unifying the global air distribution community is a cause close to my heart. Aviation is not only my vocation, it’s my avocation, and ARC’s position of building trust in air travel through data expertise is something that makes our industry stronger.”

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Travel Leaders Group has named 2018 Year of the Travel Agent. Over the last decade, the travel agency industry has flourished through technology, the growth of travel options and personalized service. Travel Leaders Group represents approximately 52,000 travel agents with unmatched expertise in 135,000 destinations and 53,000 areas of interest. Travelers and suppliers have rediscovered the value a professional travel advisor delivers to the travel experience. Travel agents help to move people around the world, and keep our economy growing.