Nexion Travel Group Announces Member Engagement Awards

Nexion Social Pro, Nexion Townie and Nexion Networks Leader of the Year Honored

IRVING, TX (October 4, 2018) – Nexion Travel Group, the leading host agency for travel professionals, named the winners of the Nexion Social Pro, Nexion Townie and Nexion Networks Leader of the Year during the organization’s annual conference, CoNexion, taking place this week aboard Royal Caribbean International’s Harmony of the Seas.

Sylvia Longmire of Spin the Globe / Travel in Sanford, Florida is Nexion Travel Group’s Social Pro. This award is given to a member who does an exceptional job of embracing social media within his or her overall marketing strategy. Before becoming a travel advisor, Longmire worked as a travel blogger specializing in accessibility and did everything from writing content to taking professional-style photography to supporting her blog through various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. When she launched her agency, Spin the Globe / Travel, using social media to promote her business came naturally. Longmire is a wheelchair user and utilizes social media to inspire other travelers with accessibility needs. She is also a drone pilot and YouTube vlogger.

Diane Frisch of Diane Frisch Destinations in Frisco, Texas is the Nexion Townie of the Year winner. This award is given annually to a Nexion Travel Group member who excels at using the company’s internal social platform, NexionTown, to guide and advise fellow members. Diane Frisch was chosen as the Townie of the Year based on her willingness to engage with NexionTown users and help them find solutions. Frisch can routinely be found counseling NexionTown users on which suppliers she recommends, how to grow their sales, dealing with challenging customers and how to stay positive during challenging business periods.

Holly Serokos of Burnt Store Travel in Punta Gorda, Florida has been named Nexion Travel Group’s Nexion Networks Leader of the Year. This award encourages “off the screen” interaction with Nexion Networks which are local groups that meet regularly in their respective geographic areas. Each group’s leader is responsible for setting up meetings and finding locations, creating agendas, identifying outside speakers and experts and actively recruiting and welcoming local Nexion members into the group.

Serokos leads the Southwest Florida Nexion Network. She has been hailed by group members as an exceptionally effective leader, adeptly coordinating members’ schedules and locations, developing strong relationships with suppliers and supplier business development managers in the Southwest Florida area, and arranging for them to attend network meetings to help members grow their business.

“These three member engagement award winners truly go above and beyond in representing Nexion Travel Group and in supporting their peers within the organization,” said Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE, President of Nexion Travel Group. “They are shining examples of what people can achieve in our industry and how meaningful it is when colleagues understand the benefits and rewards of helping each other.”

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2018: Year of the Travel Agent
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