Nexion Brings A Personal Touch to Technology with myNexion

Fresh-thinking platform lets Nexion members use tech tools to develop business

New Orleans, LA (September 18, 2017) – Nexion, the premier host agency for travel professionals, unveiled its new technology platform at CoNexion, held September 16-19 in New Orleans. The new offering, called myNexion, brings Nexion members the ultimate technological suite to assist them as they grow their businesses. myNexion not only replaces WebView (the former member portal), but also incorporates numerous new features and functions, resulting in a best-in-class travel operating system. myNexion is being rolled out in phases over the next six months.

“This year’s CoNexion focuses on ‘thinking big’ and there is nothing bigger in 2017 than our new technology rollout,” said Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE, President of Nexion. “What our members can expect with myNexion is a sophisticated level of technology that is truly personalized to the individual member. It brings the vast array of Nexion offerings, knowledge, insight and tools into one simple, intuitive platform.”

“What the Travel Leaders Group and Nexion technology teams have done is taken a careful, considered look at what Nexion members truly desire,” said Kevin Kimes, Vice President of Product Management and myNexion Project Leader. “To make this the most useful program for our members, we have listened to our travel professionals and not only focused on what they need to run their businesses, but kept to our overarching philosophy of Less Technology that Does More. We started our initial rollout last month. Over the next several months, Nexion members will gain access to the entirety of myNexion, with in-depth training and support being provided along the way. We are proud to offer Nexion members the new myNexion, and are looking forward to seeing it support our members as they achieve even greater success.”

In July 2017, Nexion introduced the initial offering for myNexion and quickly followed with implementing pinSIGHT 2.0, Travel Leaders Group’s proprietary hotel booking interface. In the coming weeks, all Nexion members will be able to access myNexion’s CRM platform, which will be fully integrated into Travel Leaders Group’s powerful suite of marketing solutions. These solutions include a new consumer website, lead generation tool, and integrated email and direct mail marketing campaigns.

In the beginning of 2018, the final phase of myNexion will be presented: myNexion accounting. Members will be able to use myNexion for all their customer invoicing and accounting needs, including vendor receipts and payments, billing, corporate account management, complete GDS integrations, and much more.

“We chose the name myNexion because it encapsulates what we want to do with this technology upgrade: Allow every Nexion member to be able to have a sophisticated system at their fingertips that meets their individual business needs,” said Friedman. “Every travel business is unique, with different clients, different product focus, and different goals. myNexion gives travel professionals the power to use our technology to reach new heights. The valuable part of their Nexion membership means that they can use all these new technology offerings while running their own business and doing their own branding—the power of myNexion remains behind the scenes. We are very excited to see myNexion’s role in our members’ accomplishments.”

All travel professionals interested in learning how to succeed as a professional business owner, backed by Nexion’s many great benefits, are encouraged to call 800-747-6813 or email

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